Drive Time with Joel Thornton

A refreshingly conservative view through the lense of common sense.

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There is a new voice in talk radio. A voice that shares your conservative values, but still holds onto its common sense. A voice that is not afraid to speak the truth. A voice that does not believe in hype and exaggeration. This is the voice of Joel Thornton the host of Drive Time with Joel Thornton.

Join Joel as he explores the issues that affect our country ever Monday through Friday from 5-6 P.M. You can also hear us on the web at Joel has a unique perspective on national and international issues. His conservative beliefs have shaped his worldview. His common sense shapes his voice.

Joel worked for nearly fifteen years for the American Center for Law and Justice. He was one of the founders of the European Centre for Law and Justice. He founded the International Human Rights Group, an organization that protects religious freedom and human rights around the world. As an attorney, he believes that justice is one of the keys to a country’s success. As a Christian Joel believes that faith is critical to human success.

Drive Time with Joel Thornton will be using the relationships that Joel has developed over the years to bring in guests who have unique perspectives on the issues of the day. He will bring in Americans, Germans, Greeks, British guests to talk about the issues that you hold dear. Also, conservative, always filled with common sense. This program is not talking points and hype. This program is real issues, real facts, and real analysis, smothered in common sense. We will be taking your questions every day. Email us, message us on Facebook, whatever you do engage with us and be a part of Drive Time with Joel Thornton.